NAKANO BC Japanese Craft Gin KOZUE 700ml

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NAKANO BC Japanese Craft Gin KOZUE 700ml

KOZUE Craft Gin is a collaborative piece from Wakayama prefectureʼs Nakano BC and Fujishiro Distillery. As indicated, this gin uses botanicals sourced from Nakano BC's local area of Wakayama prefecture, namely mandarin peel, lemon peel, sansho also known as Japanese mountain pepper and of course pine needles from the Japanese umbrella pine, ʻKouyamakiʼ. The addition of this unique botanics enhances the forest green-like refreshingness as the aroma of the Kouyamaki adds depth to the base juniper berry from Europe.

This gin has a smooth mouthfeel and as soon as it enters your mouth the refreshing fragrance expands, followed by a sharpness of the citrus and hint of spice from the sansho pepper

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More Information
Sake Brand Nakano
Sake Type N/A
Sake Prefecture Wakayama
Alcohol Level 47%
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